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At the start of 2020, Australia experienced it’s hottest spell of weather on record – lack of rainfall and high winds created the perfect conditions for catastrophic wildfires. The fires had been burning out of control for months, raging across huge tracts of the countryside – destroying everything in their path. At least 28 people died, millions of acres were burnt beyond recognition and a staggering over 1.25 billion animals perished.

We were incredibly saddened when we heard about the devastation caused by the Australian bush-fires, and vast amount of animals who perished in them. We felt we needed to do something to contribute to charities who were doing all they could to save the wildlife and find them refuge, so we decided to raise money for WIRES animal rescue association in order to help the animals affected by the devastating bushfires.

Although the fires have since ceased, the charity are still having the aftermath of many animals still needing to be rescued, rehabilitated and recovered. We are still continuing to stock our ‘I’ll Take Care of You‘ products in order to continue to support WIRES in their continued efforts. Please help us continue to raise as much as we can for such a worthy cause.